What's your favorite service to do?
A good shampoo and style along with balayage and color appointments

What do you love about being in the beauty industry?
The endless amount of creativity we’re given and how that allows us to express ourselves

What made you choose a career in the industry?
I have a big passion for makeup and my love for that drove me to go to hair school. I soon loved doing hair and makeup and I now do both.

What’s something fun you would want your clients to know about you?
I love having conversations with my clients! So all the talk is always what I love doing while doing hair.

When you're not behind the chair you’re likely...?
Doing makeup looks to post on my instagram

What’s your favorite quote?
Be afraid and do it anyway

How would your best friend/ spouse describe you?
Very outgoing and quite talkative and always wants people to feel their best no matter the situation.

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